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Rock + Ripped

You won’t believe how Arcade Fire’s Win Butler got a six-pack in just 6 minutes a day

Everyday routine from tour buses to luxury hotels

By Aaron Seligman July 14, 2017
Arcade Fire's Win Butler six-pack in 6 minutes

The rock-star lifestyle can be a fitness disaster. On the road, sugary treats and massive afterparties are everywhere, making getting a good workout impossible for even the most dedicated fitness buffs.

That's why Arcade Fire's Win Butler had to invent his own workout. “I've always admired Springsteen's massive guns and Iggy Pop's chiseled abs,” Butler says. “They got in shape the old-fashioned way, at the gym. But I wanted a workout system that suited my nomadic millennial rock and roll lifestyle.”

Last year, while recording his band's new album “Everything Now,” Butler partnered with top fitness and nutrition experts to create the Signs of Life Workout, a fitness system that combines exercise and nutrition to keep him in peak physical and creative condition. “It’s what enables me to play so many instruments and sing so passionately every night while we're on the road,” he enthuses.

The workout has two components. First, Butler puts himself through a punishing Tabata-style body weight workout specially designed for musicians. Then he indulges in Everything Bars—GMO-free, post-organic supplements that contain a unique mix of protein and herbal-based energy-releasing compounds harvested from the hills of Montreal. After his workouts, Butler refuels and recharges with Chemistry Drink—especially the Electric Blue flavor. "Using this workout, I gained huge definition," explains Butler.

“Now more than ever, it's important for creatives to be swole,” Butler says. “Working out and eating right are how I stay sane.”

Win Butler's workout


  • - 20 bicep curls with guitar or dumbbells
  • - 20 ax swings / wood choppers with guitar or cable machine
  • - 20 crunches on medicine ball or incline bench
  • - 20 plyo push-ups
  • - Run in place while waving arms for one minute

That's one round. Repeat until exhausted. Refresh and refuel with Everything Bars and Chemistry Drinks.